ETaP Graduate Option Alumni Profiles

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Energy Technology and Policy (ETaP) alumni proceed to make a difference -- over 85% are employed in energy field careers or enrolled in related PhD programs. The profiles below are illustrative of our graduates' work -- and how the ETaP program has advanced their professional development. 

Ranjit DeshmukhRanjit Deshmukh

Current Position: Assistant Professor, Environmental Studies, University of California, Santa Barbara

ETaP Thesis (2008): "Thermal gasification or direct combustion? A technical assessment of energy generation in Indonesian sugar factories"

Prior Degrees: Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering, University of Pune, India; MS Manufacturing Systems Engineering, University of Texas - Austin; Subsequent degree: Ph.D. in Energy and Resources, University of California, Berkeley

Statement: ETaP provided me with the unique opportunity to study both the engineering and policy aspects of energy technologies, international development, and climate change. The program's strong hands-on emphasis gave me valuable experience, and I was able to engage in cutting edge research through the Schatz Energy Research Center. Last but not least, the student and teaching community have had a great sense of purpose to make positive change in the world, which makes one's time in this beautiful place very joyous and rewarding.

Kristin RadecskyKristen Radecsky

Current Position: Senior Research Engineer: Schatz Energy Research Center

ETaP Thesis (2009): "Understanding the economics behind off-grid lighting products for small businesses in Kenya"

Prior Degree: BS in Electrical and Computer Engineering with a Minor in Mathematics, Lafayette College

Statement: ETaP was a perfect fit for me. The program allowed me to dive deeply into energy-related topics while also allowing me to explore other topics of interest through classes in water quality and waste water treatment. The program prepared me well for my current position as a research engineer. I most appreciate having gained strong skills to confidently collect experimental data and analyze it to provide useful, understandable results.

Adam SchumakerAdam Schumaker

Current Position: Business Developer: Christenson Electric

ETaP Thesis (2012): "PV integration in the Bonneville Power Administration balancing authority area"

Prior Degree: BA in Geography: People-Environment Interactions, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Statement: ETaP was a crucial step in my professional development. The well balanced curriculum and excellent instruction provided a strong base for a career in the renewable energy field. The instructors were incredibly helpful. They continually went above and beyond my expectations. While in the program, I also gained valuable experience through work at the Schatz Energy Research Center and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. These experiences played a key role in opening doors as I first looked for employment after school.

jenny tracyJenny Tracy

Current Position: Applied Field Researcher: iiDevelopment

ETaP Thesis (2010): "Flashlights in Kenya: revealing the social, economic, health and environmental implications in the absence of quality assurance"

Prior Degree: BA in Anthropology and Psychology with a Minor in Environmental Studies, University of Washington

Statement: ETaP is a small program with strong domestic and international ties. As a graduate student, the opportunities available to you through the program are profound. When it came down to deciding between a more prestigious graduate program at a high-ranking university and the ETaP program at Humboldt, I chose the program that best fit my interest and goals at that time. I am so glad I chose Humboldt. The ETaP program is like a quaint cottage that opens up into a grand palace once you open the door and enter.

alex eatonAlex Eaton

Current Position: Founder: Sistema Biobolsa, Mexico

ETaP Thesis (2009): "The role of small-scale biodigesters in the energy, health, and climate change baseline in Mexico"

Prior Degree: BS in Journalism with a minor in Environmental Science, Western State College of Colorado

Statement: The ETaP program provided me with an incredible foundation from which to found a Mexico-based social company focused on providing renewable energy to low-income people in Latin America. I was given the flexibility I needed to customize course work and research around my areas of interest while also being introduced to a wide range of engineering, economics, and policy subjects that have proven invaluable to my work. This program allows you to get your hands dirty and understand where policy and design meet the real world. The professors, resources and facilities available to students provide everything required to develop a highly pragmatic yet inspirational graduate experience.

juliette bohnJuliette Bohn

Current Position: Proprieter: Juliette P. Bohn Consulting

ETaP Thesis (2010): "Food waste diversion and utilization in Humboldt County"

Prior Degree: BS in Political Science with a Minor in Economics, University of New Mexico

Statement: The ETaP program primed me for a career in the field of renewable energy / sustainable systems development. The technical skills I acquired through courses such as Renewable Power Systems, Solar Thermal Engineering, and Wastewater Treatment have been invaluable assets in my current position which focuses on developing a digester system to convert organic waste into renewable energy and fertilizer. Involvement in the student-run Renewable Energy Student Union augmented the in-class education by giving me the opportunity to get hands-on experience designing and installing solar energy and micro-hydro energy systems. The ETaP program is a great choice for anyone interested in acquiring tangible skills geared towards addressing local climate and energy issues.

chhimi dorjiChhimi Dorji

Current Position: Chief Consultant and Proprietor, ChhimiD Consulting (Bhutan)

ETaP Thesis (2010): "Building energy analysis for Cal Poly Humboldt"

Prior Degree: Bachelor of Technology in Civil Engineering, Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology, Allahabad, India

Statement: Completion of the ETaP program at Humboldt has been a life changing experience. My understanding of the socio-political-technical aspects of Energy and Environmental issues have been improved significantly. Besides all the wonderful lectures, discussions, projects and assignments, interaction with students with experiences from all around the world made it a highly international and pragmatic program. The ETaP degree has made me a multi-talented person with tools to understand the technical, policy, environmental, and social dimensions of energy and water resources.

amit kumarAmit Kumar

Current Position: International Clean Energy Expert, ICF International

ETaP Thesis (2015): “The Rising Sun: Analyzing potential of energy efficient solar water pumping systems in India

Prior Degree: BE in Electrical Engineering, Dr. B R Ambedkar University, Agra, India.

Statement: Cal Poly Humboldt (Humboldt) is a vibrant community with a great sense of responsibility towards local and global issues. The ETaP program at Humboldt has completely changed the way I think about energy and environment related issues. I was always interested in the technology and policy combination, and ETaP was the perfect fit. The small classroom size and focus on group discussions enhanced my understanding of development, energy poverty, and climate change. The research work at the Schatz Energy Research Center provided a unique opportunity to gain hands-on experience and interact with some of the best minds in energy and climate policy research. The ETaP program is great for those who wish to do something meaningful and relevant to the society.