ETaP Graduate Option Masters Student Work

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The master's theses and projects completed by graduate students in the Energy, Technology, and Policy program have been as innovative and topically diverse as the students themselves.  A selection of thesis and project documents are listed here, along with additional information about each alumnus.


Aikhuele, Jimento (2018) "Technical and economic feasibility of utilizing efficient photovoltaic systems to power rural health centres in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) of Nigeria"
Prior Degree: B.Eng. Chemical Engineering, University of Benin, Nigeria

Arnold, Jessica (2013) "Energy Consumption and Environmental Impacts Associated with Cannabis Cultivation"
Prior Degree: BS Chemical Engineering, Purdue University

Avcollie, Michael (2018) "Utility-scale solar photovoltaic hosting potential of historic mill sites in Humboldt County, California"
Prior Degree: BA Communications, University of California Los Angeles 

Beveridge, Christopher (2023) "Comparative analysis of gas versus electric demand in tiny house communities for the homeless"
Prior Degree: BS in Environmental Science (concentration in Sustainability), American Public University System  

Bohn, Juliette (2010) "Food waste diversion and utilization in Humboldt County"
Prior Degree: BS Political Science with a Minor in Economics, University of New Mexico

Branson, Keivan (2018) "Low income housing energy efficiency improvement program for the Yurok Tribe of Northern California"
Prior Degree: BS Mathematics with a Minors in Geology/Environmental Studies and Music (Piano), Southern Oregon University

Buckwalter, Patrick (2017) "Forward Osmosis for Wastewater Treatment and Energy Recovery: A Techno-Economics Analysis"
Prior Degree: BS Oceanography, Cal Poly Humboldt

Bui, Anh (2019) "Assessing the technical, economic, and environmental feasibility of floating solar power generation on water reservoirs in Vietnam"
Prior Degrees: 
BS in Biology Allied Health and Sociology/Anthropology (double major) 

Burton-Tauzer, Ryley (2023) "Food waste storage gaseous emissions detection and quantification using infrared spectroscopy"
Prior Degrees: 
BS in Environmental Engineering Science with a minor in Forestry and Natural Resources, UC Berkeley 

Campbell, Allison (2014) "Assessing the economic viability of electric vehicle-to-grid services through infrastructureand market participation investments"
Prior Degrees: 
BS Astrophysics, University of Southern California; MS Astronomy, New Mexico State University

Coggins, Amanda (2013) "Policy strategies for advancing the marine and hydrokinetic energy industry"
Prior Degree: BS Mechanical Engineering, Virginia Tech

Deshmukh, Ranjit (2008) "Thermal gasification or direct combustion? A technical assessment of energy generation in Indonesian sugar factories"
Prior Degrees: B. Eng. Mechanical Engineering, University of Pune, India; MS Manufacturing Systems Engineering, University of Texas - Austin

Dillman, Robert (2010) "Small community finance for renewable energy systems in Chiapas, Mexico"
Prior Degrees: BS Marketing and Finance, Miami of Ohio; Teaching Credential, Chico State

Dorji, Chhimi (2010) "Building energy analysis for Cal Poly Humboldt"
Prior Degree: B. Tech Civil Engineering, Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology, Allahabad, India

Dorji, Karma (2007) "The sustainable management of micro hydropower systems for rural electrification: the case of Bhutan"
Prior Degree: B. Eng. Electrical Engineering, PSG College of Technology, India

Eaton, Alexander (2009) "The role of small-scale biodigesters in the energy, health, and climate change basline in Mexico"
Prior Degree: BS in Journalism with a minor in Environmental Science, Western State College of Colorado

Eckert-Ross, Alexander (2021) "An analysis of the global warming impact of Cal Poly Humboldt's refrigerant inventory"
Prior Degree: BS in Geology, State University of New York (SUNY), Cortland

Geronimo, Carisse (2020) "Characterization of greenhouse gas emissions from storage of woody biomass: an incubation study"
Prior Degree: BS in Biology with a minor in Chemistry, California State University, Bakersfield

Harkness, Jeffrey (2019) "Building energy modeling and techno-economic feasibility analysis of zero net energy tiny homes in coastal Humboldt County, California"
Prior Degree: BA in Journalism with minors in Applied Mathematics and Sociology, University of Nevada, Reno

Harper, Margaret (2013) "Implementing GridShare technology in rural Bhutan: analyzing effects on local brownouts and assessing community acceptance
Prior Degrees: 
BS Environmental Studies, Minor in Chemistry, Warren Wilson College; BS in Environmental Resources Engineering, Cal Poly Humboldt

Hassan, Asif (2016) "Evaluating the quality of LED lamps that are appropriate for use with off-grid solar home systems (SHS) in Bangladesh"
Prior Degrees: BS Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Islamic University of Technology, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Hervin, Kirstin (2013) "Feasibility analysis of gasification for energy recovery from residual solid waste in Humboldt County"
Prior Degree: 
BS Biology, Texas Tech University

Hsu, Chih-Wei (2019) "Disparities in public charging infrastructure deployment and inequitable electric vehicle ownership cost based on income and race"
Prior Degree: BS Biological Science, California State University, Fullerton

Hyles, Timothy (2017) "The water-electricity nexus in California: drought-induced risk to thermal electricity generation"
Prior Degree: 
BS Evolution, Ecology, and Biology, University of California, Davis

Ichien, Dereck (2019) "Beyond the paradise tax: Assessing the potential for rental vehicle electrificaiton in Kaua'i County, Hawai'i"
Prior Degree: 
BS Environmental Science and Management, Cal Poly Humboldt

Khare, Amit (2015) "The Rising Sun: Analyzing Potential of Energy Efficient Solar Photovoltaic Water Pumping Systems in India"
Prior Degree: BE in Electrical Engineering, Dr. B R Ambedkar University, Agra, India

Karis, Billy (2014) "A techno-economic analysis of the benefits of aqueous phase reformation for hydrogen enrichment of natural gas engines and turbines"   
Prior Degree: 
BA Biology and Botany, Connecticut College

Kniel, Karen (2014) "Stakeholder and policy analysis of hydraulic fracturing in California"  
Prior Degree: 
BA Environmental Studies (concentration in Energy Management & Design), Sonoma State University

Kullmann, Stephen (2009) "Specific energy yield of low-power amorphous silicon and crystalline silicon photovoltaic modules in a simulated off-grid, battery-based system"
Prior Degree: BA in English from Rutgers University plus coursework in Environmental Resources Engineering from Cal Poly Humboldt

Kumar, Gaurav (2017) "The technical, economic, and environmental feasibility of rice straw residue for biomass energy production in India"
Prior Degree: Bachelor of Technology in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Dr. M.G.R. Education and Research Institute, India

Kunkel, Kristina (2019) "Exploring community knowledge and perceptions of flooding and sea-level rise in King Salmon, California
Prior Degree: BA in Psychology, Smith College

Lottes, Angela (2014) "Supply chain and process emissions impact of torrefaction to enable biomass use in large power plants versus raw biomass use in small power plants
Prior Degree: 
BS Environmental Science (concentration in Biology), Minor in Government, Berry College

McNeal, Fred (2014) "Winter barley can serve as an economically feasible ethanol feedstock
Prior Degree: 
BS Earth Science, Juniata College

McShea, Olivia (2023) "Socio-economic comparative analysis of front-of-the-meter and behind-the-meter microgrids for Panamnik
Prior Degree: BA in Anthropology, Minors in Environmental Studies and French, Princeton University

Mendonca, Brendon (2012) "Methods and analysis for calculating the daily operating time of solar charged off-grid lighting products"
Prior Degree: BS Mechanical Engineering, Manipal Institute of Technology, MAHE, India

Menten, Rebecca (2010) "Municipal financing programs as an option for overcoming barriers to energy efficiency"
Prior Degree: BA Political Science, BA French, Cal Poly Humboldt

Minjur (2023) "Techno-economic analysis of a utility-scale solar power plant in Bhutan"
Prior Degree: Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical Engineering, College of Science and Technology of the Royal University of Bhutan

Mink, Tirian (2011) "Methods for generating market intelligence for improved cookstove dissemination: a case study in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala"
Prior Degree: BA in Biology, Swarthmore College 

Moncheur de Rieudotte, Malcolm (2022) "Assessing the potential and pathways for renewable energy transformations in Orleans, California"
Prior Degree: BS in Bioprocess Engineering with a Minor in Mathematics, SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry 

Nakimuli, Hamidah (2022) "Market surveillance to support quality assurance and consumer protection for the solar PAYG products market in East and West Africa"
Prior Degree: Bachelors in Leisure and Hospitality Management, Makerere University, Uganda

Obikoya, Esther (2024) "A resilient decarbonization package for the Hoopa Shopping Center"
Prior Degree: BS in Petroleum and Gas Engineering, University of Lagos, Nigeria

Ogunwo, Oluwademilade (2022) "Techno-economic feasibility of electrifying food markets in Nigeria with biogas hybrid mini-grids"
Prior Degree: BS in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, University of Lagos, Nigeria

Osia, Kenneth (2015) "Solar space cooling in California: An evaluation of technical, economic, and environmental aspects of solar space cooling technologies in multiple California climate zones"
Prior Degree: BS Physics, Minor in Mathematics, University of Central Missouri

Radecsky, Kristen (2009) "Understanding the economics behind off-grid lighting products for small businesses in Kenya"
Prior Degree: BS in Electrical and Computer Engineering with a Minor in Mathematics, Lafayette College

Ross, Webster (2022) "Nā Pua Makani Wind Farm: The Shifting Winds of Renewable Development in Hawaiʻi"
Prior Degree: BS in Mechanical Engineering, Gonzaga University

Salas, Nicole (2022) "Exploring the knowledge of wildfire smoke mitigation and tolerance measures within a high-risk community in San Diego County, California"
Prior Degree: BS in Biological Sciences, California State University San Marcos

Scheidler, Luke (2011) "Assessing the costs and benefits of utility energy efficiency programs in Humboldt County, CA"
Prior Degree: BA Biology, DePauw University

Schumaker, Adam (2012) "PV integration in the Bonneville Power Administration balancing authority area"
Prior Degree: BA Geography: People-Environment Interactions, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Shoemaker, Steven (2018) "Impacts of the changes made to solar net metering by northern California community choice aggregators"
Prior Degree: BA Politics, Whitman College

Singh, Anamika (2019) "Techno-economic feasibility study of solar water pumping for public facilities in Nigeria"
Prior Degree: Bachelor of Technology, Chemical Engineering, Jaypee University of Information Technology, India

Singh, Pramod (2017) "Technical and economic potential of microgrids in California"
Prior Degree: Bachelor of Technology, Electrical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Roorkee, India

Sinha, Nishaant Kumar (2023) "Technical and economic feasibility of a microgrid for a fire station in Humboldt County, California"
Prior Degree: Bachelor of Engineering, Civil Engineering, Bhilai Institute of Technology, Raipur, India

Slackerelli, Mahayla (2017) "Ownership structures and financing options for solar energy generation in the Redwood Coast Energy Authority service territory" 
Prior Degree: BA Liberal Arts, Sarah Lawrence College

Thakor, Jayati (2017) "Economic analysis for residential solar PV systems with battery storage in PG&E territory"
Prior Degree: Bachelor of Technology, Electrical, Electronics, and Communication Engineering, Charotar University of Science and Technology, India

Tracy, Jennifer (2010) "Flashlights in Kenya: revealing the social, economic, health and environmental implications in the absence of quality assurance"
Prior Degree: BA Anthropology and Psychology with a Minor in Environmental Studies, University of Washington

Tripathi, Deepak (2023) "A techno-economic analysis to determine the levelized cost of hydrogen generation through electrolysis for Humboldt Transit Authority, Humboldt County, California"
Prior Degree: Bachelor of Technology, Mechanical Engineering with a Minor in Business Management, Amity University, India

Turman-Bryant, Nick (2015) "Quality communication: Quality Assurance in Kenya's off-grid lighting market"
Prior Degree: BS in Mathematics, Minor in Sociology, University of Puget Sound

Younes, Amin (2021) "Exploring renewable energy futures in Humboldt County consistent with the goals of California's renewable portfolio standard"
Prior Degree: BS in Mechanical Engineering, Cornell University