Living on California's Redwood Coast

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Moonstone beach at sunset

Humboldt Lifestyle

Only 20 minutes drive from Humboldt, Moonstone beach is a popular destination for an evening stroll

Alpine lake

Humboldt Lifestyle

Anyone drawn to the mountains will find plenty of vistas and solitude in the inland regions of Humboldt County

Humboldt Lifestyle

The rivers, lakes, and coastline of the region offer no shortage of opportunities for adventure

trail in a redwood forest

Humboldt Lifestyle

One of the many ancient redwood stands within walking distance of Humboldt campus. The tallest trees in the world are less than an hour's drive away!

Backpacking in the Trinity Alps

Humboldt Lifestyle

Students and researchers from the Schatz Energy Research Center on a recent weekend adventure in the Trinity Alps Wilderness

Cal Poly Humboldt is located in Arcata, California, a town of about 18,000 residents. Located, on California’s scenic northern coast, the lifestyle of Arcata’s residents makes it an ideal place to live and to study. Surrounded by empty beaches, mountain ranges, wild rivers, and ancient redwood forests, Humboldt County is an ideal base of adventure for anyone interested in getting outside.